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UN Joint Statement for International Women’s Day 2016 ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality!’

“As women thrive, so will we all. If girls are held back, the whole world feels the pain […] The world will never realize 100 per cent of its goals if 50 per cent of its people cannot realize their full potential.” — United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Today, on International Women’s Day, we join governments and activists across the world to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries, communities and families. We take a moment to celebrate the many achievements, to take stock of the remaining gaps and challenges, and to call for change. This March 8th we strive for the future we want, Planet 50-50 by 2030 – the expiry date for all forms of gender inequality, discrimination and violence, the goal set in the context of the Political Declaration adopted by the 59th Session of Commission on Status of Women. The new global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) hold the promise to transform our world for the better. A world where a girl can truly be and do whatever she wants, and women are able to participate equally in leadership across all areas of society. In 2030, there should be more women presidents, more women CEOs of companies, more women presidents of universities, more women local governance leaders, more women generals in the army, more women chiefs of police, more women political party leaders. Reaching planet 50-50 is anything but business as usual. We need transformation to overcome barriers to creating the future we want. Continue reading

UN Statement for 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women 2013

A nation cannot prosper, cannot reach its full potential unless girls and women are empowered economically, politically and are free from any kind of violence. The United Nations Secretary-General at the General Assembly stated that: ‘empowerment and rights of women must be at the heart of everything we do. The equation is simple: when women’s lives are free from violence and discrimination, nations thrive. Let the 21st century be the century of women.’

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Nepal HIV Investment Plan

BANGKOK, Friday 22 November 2013 —To keep an effective and efficient HIV response on Nepal’s national agenda as a national public good beyond 2015, the “Nepal HIV Investment Plan” is about moving from what we know to what we  do.
The Nepal HIV Investment Plan 2014-2016 is a forceful case for strategic investments in Nepal’s HIV response that includes a three year operational plan and budget. The plan, presented today in Bangkok, at the 11th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, is a renewed call for coordinated action from the public and private sectors, civil society and international partners to reduce Nepal’s HIV burden. Nepal’s investment plan was developed in the context of the downward trend in global HIV funding, the introduction of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria requirements for a cost-sharing performance-based approach, and the projected resource gap for carrying out the last three years of Nepal’s HIV Strategy 2011-2016. In summary: It is Nepal’s strategically prioritised approach to HIV programming, budgeting and implementation.

UNAIDS reports a more than 50% drop in new HIV infections across 25 countries as countries approach the 1000 day deadline to achieve global AIDS targets

In addition, the number of people with access to antiretroviral therapy increased by 63 % in the last 24 months—AIDS-related deaths fell by more than 25% between 2005 and 2011 globally. GENEVA, 20 November 2012—A new World AIDS Day report: Results, by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), shows that unprecedented acceleration in the AIDS response is producing results for people. The report shows that a more than 50% reduction in the rate of new HIV infections has been achieved across 25 low – and middle-income countries––more than half in Africa, the region most affected by HIV.

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नेपाल एड् स मिडिया अवार्ड २०११ घोषणा – NEPAL AIDS MEDIA AWARD 2011 LAUNCHED

माननीय स्वास्थ्य मन्त्री राजेन्द्र महतोले आज नेपाल पत्रकार महासंघद्धारा आयोजित एक समारोहमा
ँनेपाल एड् स मिडिया अवार्ड २०११’ प्रदान गर्ने घोषणा गर्नु भएको छ । एसिया प्यासिफिक लिडरसिप
फोरम ९ब्एीँ० नेपाल मिडिया प्यानल को अगुवाई तथा नेपाल पत्रकार महासंघ, सुचना विभाग,
एचआईभी एड् स तथा यौनरोग नियन्त्रण समिति, एचआईभी, एड् स तथा यौनरोग नियन्त्रण के न्द र
संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघको एचआईभी/एड् स कार्यक्रम ९ग्ल्ब्क्ष्म्क्० को संयुक्त प्रयासमा गत बर्षस्थापना
गरिएको ँनेपाल एचआईभी/एड् स मिडिया अवार्ड ’ लाई निरन्तरता दिदै यस बर्षपनि २०६८ मंसिर
१५ गते विश्व एड् स दिवसका दिन रेडियो, टेलिभिजन, प्रिन्ट तथा अनलाईन विधामा उत्कृष्ट छनौट
भएका संचार सामग्रीहरुलाई पुरस्किृत गरिने जानकारी गर्राईयो ।
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