Life skill materials

Life skillsLife skill materials
These are some of the issues that adolescent’s face on their journey to adulthood, but are often unable to resolve. The truth is that, these are issues with no simple answers. But if ignored or dismissed with conventional responses, for instance “of course, you are not supposed to discuss sex, it’s a dirty subject,” or “how dare you go against us, we know who is the best marriage partner for you! ”. The effect on young person can be very negative, and life- long.

  • A Survey of teenagers in Nepal
  • Booklet 1: Setting goals for yourself (Afno laxchya kasari nirdharan garne)
  • Booklet 2: Interpersonal relationships (Anter becti sambhandhan kasari pravabakari banaune)
  • Booklet 3: Managing emotions and stress( Sambeg ra tanab babesthapan kasari garne)
  • Booklet 4: Making responsible decisions (Uterdaiepurna nirnaya kasari garne)
  • Booklet 5: Smiling to your problem (Samashaya kasari samadhan garne)
  • Booklet 6: Taking control of your own life (Afno jeevan mathi kasari nirnaya garne)
  • Booklet 7: Reproductive health & prevention of HIVAIDS (Kisor kisorika jigyasha)
  • Booklet 8: What are life skills (Jeevan upougi sheep haru ke ke hun)
  • Life Skills brochure
  • Life skills guide book (English Version)
  • Novella 2: A new life (Naya Jeevan)
  • Novella 3: Getting to know yourself  (Afu lai chainu)
  • Novella 4: Career choice (Jeevan ko Laxchya)
  • Novella 5: Dealing with discrimination (Bhedbhav)
  • Novella 6: Setting goals ( Afano nirnaya)
  • Novella 7: A different path (Dhairaya ko bhato)
  • Novella courage of Sunala (Sunila ko sahash)
  • Unicef in Nepal 2008 2010 screen
  • Unicef in nepal fundraising facing